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Re: question about man pages in Fedora 7

Martin Marques wrote:
> Phill escribió:
>> I've been using Fedora 7 on my desktop for a few
>> months now. Recently I noticed that several commands
>> no longer have man pages. Some of the commands in
>> question include "cdrecord, mkisofs". Is this by
>> design or just a mistake?
> cdrecord doesn't exist, it's a link to wodim (a fork of cdrecord).
> In the case of mkisofs, it's a link to genisofs.
> Try "man wodim" and "man genisofs"

I'd call it a packaging bug that there are links to the commands in
/usr/bin but not links to the man pages in /usr/share/man/.../

Anyone care to check with bugzilla and file a report if one isn't
already filed?

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