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Re: Fedora 7 freezes two or three times per day

Dawning Sky wrote:
Just want to check with the list that what's the current situation on this freezing problem with the nvidia driver. Any solution yet?

Since I switch to the nv driver, I haven't had a single freeze.



I changed my video card a few weeks ago as one was on clearance sale. It is still an Nvidia card and it works like a dream. No issues at all.

On the other hand, with a fully updated FC6 box, I have had freezes that show the exact symptoms that I had on my F7 machine. During the freeze I ssh'd into the computer and ran top and saw that Xorg was at 95%. When I tried to strace the machine froze. My work computer us using ATI so this points to a kernel issue.

With what I have been reading about changing the kernel scheduler and queuing system, I wonder if there is a conflict that will take some time to find.

I have been to busy to look at the nvidia site for personal reasons.

Work and other things are why I have taken so long to reply.

Robin Laing

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