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Re: Serious question on thumb drives (was Re: Maybe a deal on flash drives)

Thomas Cameron wrote:
On Sat, 2007-09-15 at 23:37 -0400, Michael Semcheski wrote:

So I get three years of use out of a thumb drive instead of maybe the 5
I would have gotten from a so-called name brand. OK.
Three years ago, I thought a 256MB thumb drive was MASSIVE.  Today I
wouldn't take one for free.

I keep circling around the idea that for a little solid state thing like
a thumb drive, for only $60-70, it is probably worth the risk to buy a
cheap one.  I am considering buying one just to test it out.

Anyone ever used one of the cheap ones off eBay?


I have had one drive fail and it was possibly a static or faulting USB controller as the computer wouldn't work with any drive.

If I need a drive, I just watch the local stores for a sale. No issues with the store brand ones.

I always have copies of the files on the sticks so if one fails, no major headache.

The latest drive I got, wouldn't work with the Linux kernel at the time of purchase. It works now and it was a commercial product.

I will stick with the cheap ones and if it fails in two or three years, I will get another cheap one. I replaced the failed 1Gig stick with a 4Gig by the same no-name brand. I liked the size most of all and the fact that the USB connector has a permanent protector. I have lost all the removable ones in places that finding them would be impossible.

Robin Laing

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