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Re: FC7 problem udevd: udev_event_run: fork of child failed: cannot allocate memory spewing over and over again on the console.

I finally tracked it down to some changes that were added to the sysctl to keep the OOM killer at bay.
The offending lines were:

On 9/19/07, Bruce Keats <brucekeats gmail com> wrote:
I am using the kernel.  When I try and use the kernel, I get the same result even though the kernel has worked on those machines in the past.
I am using udev-113.12.  I get the same result if I roll back to udev-113.11.
Booting into single user mode also fails.  It gets stuck in the same spot.
Any ideas?

On 9/19/07, Harald Hoyer <harald redhat com> wrote:
Bruce Keats wrote:
> Hi,
> With the latest set of updates within FC7, I are now seeing this message
> on several systems.
> udevd[581]: udev_event_run: fork of child failed: cannot allocate memory
> The message occurs at boot just after udev starts.  The message is
> repeatedly constantly and there does not appear to be any way out.
> Control-C doesn't do anything.  The message keeps repeating without any
> end.
> We have seen this on different H/W platforms.  One is a dell laptop.
> One is an server with dual Xeon with 4 gig RAM.  RAM tests on all the
> H/W checkouts OK.  All H/W was running FC7 OK before.  All systems are
> running the latest kernel with all the lastest updates.
> This seems to have started in the last couple of days or so.  I can't
> seem to find any way around it.
> Is anyone else encountering the same problem?  Any ideas how to track
> down the cause?  Any ideas on how to fix it or get around it to the
> systems up?
> Thanks,
> Bruce

Hmm, first report. Haven't seen anything like that from other users. Was
there a kernel update in the last days?

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