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I installed it.  I have a couple questions:

1) can you create sub categories?  Like say I have category "Requirements".
I want to have Sub Categories like


etc, and maybe even the possibility these can have subcategories.

2) The document repository has to be world writeable and readable.  Is this safe?
Is there some other way?  can I run it through tomcat?

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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 10:01:50 -0400
From: "Miner, Jonathan W \(CSC\) \(US SSA\)"
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Subject: RE: Document Management CentOS
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> Can anyone recommend a good Linux document management system?

Tony -

Try "OpenDocMan". It is a LAMP based system, and is highly configurable. It defaults to a spreadsheet-like list of files, but can be configured with a tree-like view too. I've been using it for nearly 3 years.


PS... I'm a bit biased, since I have invested considerable time in bug fixes and enhancements; my payback to the open-source community.

- Jon

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