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Re: How to control LAN users?

Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
You would like to be able to shut down or disable the machines
without having to go to the machine.  This implies that you have
a way of knowing that the user has left without actually checking.
You would become unpopular if you remotely shut down their machine
while they were in the middle of doing something.
Shutting down the machines would work for me, there might be some unhappiness but I could deal with that, but what I'm really looking for is a way to open the connection to the internet at my discretion. I've already blocked a number of sites via the router but I never know what they are connecting to or what might be streaming data when the computers are idle, that's my prime concern.

Real VNC is easy to install on the windows boxes.  vncviewer is
available on all the FC installs.  If vncviewer is not in /usr/bin,
yum install vnc
should do the trick.

The windows versions of vnc can be downloaded from:
It installs and you put it in service mode.  You have that
option on the install.  You can take the default options and
set a password.

On you linux box, you can run:
vncviewer otherbox:0

(the :0 is optional if you took the defaults)
You will get prompted for the password, and then the remote
desktop will appear.  I use this across ssh tunnels to help
out some windows friends when they get stuck.  It is easier than
talking them through a problem blind.

Under the covers, vncserver (on the windows box) listens on
port 5900 (if you use the default display number of 0)  vncviewer
connects on that port.  Note if you use display 1, then the port
is 5901.

There is a web interface at 5800, although I don't usually use that.

This may do what you want.  It also allows you to do remote maintenance
on the target machine.

Bob Styma
Phoenix, AZ

I am encouraged by your suggestion. It sound like something I can deal with. I will give it a try on the kids computer tomorrow while they are at school.

Thank you.

Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia

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