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Re: strange fglrx permission problem

Jack Howarth wrote:
>    Is anyone else seeing the following problem in
> Fedora 7 i386 with the livna fglrx kernel module
> installed? I am finding that the first account
> I log into allows the fglrx drivers to work fine
> but then any additional accounts I log into 
> produce errors of the form...
> FGLTexMgr: open of shared memory object failed (Permission denied)
> __FGLTexMgrCreateObject: __FGLTexMgrSHMmalloc failed!!!
> whenever I try to run glxgears or pymol. The problem
> is not associated with any particular account but rather
> with whatever accounts are not the first X11 login. The
> only workaround I have at the moment is to reboot and
> login to the desired account first under X11.
>    I am wondering if this could be related to the
> caching problems with autofs where the addition of
> -Onosharecache to the OPTIONS line in /etc/sysconfig/autofs
> was the recommended fix...
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=250597
> Thanks in advance for any insights to this problem.
>               Jack
Are you logging in more then one account at a time, or is it that
you log in the first account, log out, and log in a second account?
If it is more then one account logged in at a time, it is because of
the way console.perms works. If it is the second case, then it is a
bug in console.perms resetting the permissions.

The workings of console.perms gets complicated, but a brief
description is that it gives permission for the user logged in at
the local console to use specific devices and/or resources. These
are normally resources that are can not easily be shared. Things
like sound, floppy drives, CD/DVD ROM drives, video hardware. It
also limits access to resources that should not normally be accessed
remotely. Where it gets complicated is where you have more then one
user logged in locally. Who gets access? For the most part, it is
the first user that logs in locally. But with fast user switching,
and more then one X server running on the local machine, changes are
necessary. From what I understand, this is a work in progress.


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