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Re: [Fedora] Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

Beartooth wrote:
Btw, I don't know if it's worth a whole nuther thread, but I've been finding it advised or necessary to reboot a *lot* more in the last year of three than before. And a lot fewer people vaunt their uptime in their .sigs
The only time I reboot any of my systems is after an update and mostly if it involved the kernel or libraries. I have a pair of RH7.3 machines that have not had any updates performed (not supported anymore) and those things are rock solid, with one of them boasting an uptime of 634 days. As of right now, they look like:

Uptime on avalon:     13:49:32 up 17 days,  4:22
Uptime on bugsy:      13:49:32 up 23 days,  4:09
Uptime on stigmata:   13:49:33 up 427 days, 47 min
Uptime on serpico:    13:49:33 up 22 days, 20:49
Uptime on trinity:    13:49:34 up 38 days,  2:03
Uptime on athenaeum:  13:49:34 up 21 days, 14:40
Uptime on lansky:     13:49:34 up 40 days, 10:27
Uptime on desperado:  13:49:34 up 40 days,  9:55
Uptime on ivanhoe:    13:49:35 up 634 days,  4:33
Uptime on bpp:        13:49:35 up 40 days,  9:49
Uptime on lilpusher:  13:49:36 up 40 days, 10:09
Uptime on bigbertha:  13:49:36 up 40 days, 10:06
Uptime on listserv:   13:49:37 up 79 days,  4:24
Uptime on swift:      13:49:38 up 96 days, 20:47

- those last two machines are SGI IRIX boxes...

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