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Re: How to mount a dos floppy ?

Bob Goodwin wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:

How do I mount an old dos floppy without making additions to fstab?
I assume there is a proper way to do this since an icon comes up on the desktop when I plug the disk in to the drive but it can't deal with the file system apparently and refuses to mount. I don't know the magic incantation for the command line.

I have a few disks I need to extract text [.doc] files from.

Bob Goodwin

mount /dev/fd0 -t vfat /media   Works but it dumps all the files in /media.

It is preferable to use

mount /dev/fd0 -t msdos /path/to/empty/directory/for/mount/point

Note that vfat and msdos are NOT the same. For use with old
MSDOS formatted discs, msdos is preferable.

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