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Re: How to mount a dos floppy ?

Aldo Foot wrote:
> Gents,
> is the /etc/floppy file needed for /dev/fd0 to work?
> The file /etc/floppy does not exist in a newly installed system, so I read
> somewhere that in order to use the floppy you have to create the file
> with the command
>         # floppy --createrc >/etc/floppy
> But even after executing the command in FC7 I could not format the floppy
> using /dev/fd0, I had to use
>        # fdformat /dev/fd0u1440.
> Please note that the file /dev/fd0 did exist. Any comments appreciated.
> ~Aldo.
You should really have started a new message for this...

You can use setfdprm to set the format, and then format /dev/fd0, or
you can use the floppy command instead of the fdformat command. The
device entries for the different floppy formats are not created by udev.


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