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Re: Whence Python?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:


The question appears to assume already that this tool is not under python already (which I why I said you appear to be confused) and

I dunno why it would, but ok.

fedora-live cd list would have been more appropriate to ask this question anyway. I would suggest doing so for a more detailed answer perhaps.

Probably good advice.


The original tool that was based on OLPC build tools was written as sheel scripts and wasn't meant to be published. It was used for a early release for Fedora Core 6.

Ah, now there's an answer which makes sense.

Red Hat uses python heavily in many of its tools so there is developer comfort and preexisting bindings for most of the tools in Fedora.

Yes, I'm aware that Red Hat is rather Python-centric.

The partial rewrite in python provides the ability to install to hard disk, integration with yum API (python) kickstart (via pykickstart) and Anaconda (which is PyGTK).


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