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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

David Boles wrote:

Gene wrote


What the hell IS the agenda with selinux anyway? Is it something M$ funded to make linux less appealing to the joe sixpack users? Is it a backdoor that NSA conned RedHat into adding? I only know two things about it for sure, and that's that it is a Pain In The Ass, and that the sample grub command option selinux=0 works.

Wow Gene. I did not mean to set you off. SELinux is designed to help *you*
protect your Linux system from one of the major flaws in Windows. Allowing
unknown, bad, executables from doing strange things on your system without
your permission or, at times, without your knowledge of it happening.

As has been mentioned, discussed, and beat to death here, there
are people who think it is a BAD IDEA, and they are having it
rammed (figuratively) onto them by the makers of the distros.

Of course, no one forces anyone to use Linux, right? I mean, it's
not like anyone is being forced to incorporate the code or anything.
That's MicroSoft's line, isn't it?

If you chose to turn this protection off that is most certainly your
right. It is your system. If you don't feel that the protection is
valuable then screw it.

Having the code one one's machine, "disabled" or no, is irrelevant
to those, like me, and like the OP, who wish NOT TO INSTALL IT AT ALL.

IMO, it is a buggy pile of crap. And if I may be so bold as to speak
for Gene, that is what "set him off". Having it on one's machine is
demonstrably a cause of:

(1) frustration
(2) failing machines
(3) unnecessary making of "gurus" when we all want Linux easier
for the non-technical user to administer
(4) bloat
(5) more opportunity for defects and exploits

But when that smiling hacker from somewhere finally finally decides that
there are enough Linux users that think like Windows users he will write
that program that will wipe out your milling program.

The only way to make systems robust is to make them simpler, not
more complex.

Honest Gene. SELinux has never caused me a problem that a simple 'look 'n
fix it' could not solve. It is work in progress and when you use older
releases it can cause problems.

Bully for you.

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