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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Mike McCarty wrote:
>>> I'd like to configure Thunderbird (and/or /root/.forward) so
>>> that e-mail to root shows up in my INBOX, and a filter automatically
>>> puts it into a Thunderbird folder (root). So far, I have not been
>>> successful in this. I have Thunderbird pulling using POP from my
>>> ISP. Anyone have advice?
>> Need some clarification.....
>> You want to "root" on your system to be sent to your INBOX on your
>> system?
>> Is that part of the goal?  If that is the case, then wouldn't the aliases
>> file be of value to you?
>> # Person who should get root's mail
>> #root:          marc
>> ???
> That's partway there. As you know, there are various services
> which send e-mail to root on Linux machines. I never log in
> as root, and only use root privilege (via su - or sudo) a few
> times a month. As a result, I have a backlog of unread messages
> which I feel guilty about not reading, but which I also don't
> want to read with "mail".
> I can use /root/.forward to forward them to my normal user
> on my machine, but then I'm still stuck. I don't use mail,
> or anything like that, actually to read mail, not only because
> the tools are so terrible, but because I don't run a mail server.
> I use Thunderbird to pull from my ISP using POP.

Then why not point the alias to your ISP POP account?

> I'd like to be able to get my root mail in my inbox, and have
> it stuck into a folder in my regular e-mail.

If you do the above, then root's email will end up in your INBOX and you
should be able to use the filters of Thunderbird to sort your email.

Note: I don't use POP I use IMAP and I user my IMAP server's sorting
abilities as well as Thunderbird's virtual folder feature.

I would think that you could use the virtual folder feature of Thunderbird
on your POP inbox...but I've not tested/tried that.

> I'm sure there must be a way to do that, but I don't know what
> it might be.
> Mike

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