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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Arthur Pemberton wrote:

Selinux is another layer of security, it isn't a replacement of any
security layers, I see no reason why anyone feels such apparently
hostility to this piece of technology.

and its a PITA, stopping many things working, we dont have time to sit in front of a newly built server and spend an hour telling the thing its "safe" blah blah blah, its one of the reasons the fedora desktops on internal lan in still FC1 because its stable, although, by default we dont use half of RH's installed stuff on the desktops, we use the real sendmails, real firefox's real openoffices, real evolutions, real kernels , real mplayer and other multimedia stuff that plays the formats WE want not what RH decides we should use, and so on and so on.

its simple, if the user doesnt want to use it, they should not have to install or deconfigure it.



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