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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

Ed Greshko wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:

I have a firewall that has so far been bulletproof. Its called dd-wrt, run on an old scrap x86 box, booting busybox from a cf card, no drives in it & only 2 fans.

I'm not sure why you are comparing the functions of SELinux with the
functions of a firewall.  It would be nice to hear your interpretation of
the issues that SELinux targets v.s. what a Firewall targets.  If you think
they serve the same functions it would be nice if you would cite your source.

Umm, I think they have very little in common, myself, except
in some sort of vague overall "enhanced security" sense.

The firewall intends to prevent compromise.
SELinux intends to mitigate damage on a compromised machine.

Note that I speak of intent, not what is accomplished.

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