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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Ed Greshko wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:


I can use /root/.forward to forward them to my normal user
on my machine, but then I'm still stuck. I don't use mail,
or anything like that, actually to read mail, not only because
the tools are so terrible, but because I don't run a mail server.
I use Thunderbird to pull from my ISP using POP.

Then why not point the alias to your ISP POP account?

I suppose you mean my ISP SMTP account. I don't know how to
do that. It's what I'm asking about. If I simply put

Mike McCarty sbcglobal net



then the mail ends up in the bit bucket. And, even if I could,
then there's also the thought that mail indicating attempts
to compromise my machine would be going OUTSIDE my machine.

I'd like to be able to get my root mail in my inbox, and have
it stuck into a folder in my regular e-mail.

If you do the above, then root's email will end up in your INBOX and you
should be able to use the filters of Thunderbird to sort your email.

I'm sorry to be dense, but I really know very little about
e-mail and how it works. I once forged a message from
George Bush whitehouse gov to my girlfriend by using helo,
but that's about it.

How would I point an alias, or use /root/.forward, to do what you

Note: I don't use POP I use IMAP and I user my IMAP server's sorting
abilities as well as Thunderbird's virtual folder feature.

I would think that you could use the virtual folder feature of Thunderbird
on your POP inbox...but I've not tested/tried that.

I'm sure there must be a way to do that, but I don't know what
it might be.


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