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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Mike McCarty wrote:
> [snip]
>>> I can use /root/.forward to forward them to my normal user
>>> on my machine, but then I'm still stuck. I don't use mail,
>>> or anything like that, actually to read mail, not only because
>>> the tools are so terrible, but because I don't run a mail server.
>>> I use Thunderbird to pull from my ISP using POP.
>> Then why not point the alias to your ISP POP account?
> I suppose you mean my ISP SMTP account. I don't know how to
> do that. It's what I'm asking about. If I simply put
> Mike McCarty sbcglobal net
> into
> /root/.forward
> then the mail ends up in the bit bucket. And, even if I could,
> then there's also the thought that mail indicating attempts
> to compromise my machine would be going OUTSIDE my machine.

It is Friday evening here and I think my mind has already shut down and
looking forward to drinks and India food.....

OK.  I think I see my disconnect and you actually mentioned this earlier as
you did say: "As you know, there are various services which send e-mail to
root on Linux machines."  But, engage brain, they normally use a simple call
to mail and can only deliver locally.

So, think about doing this.....

1.  Create an email account of type "Unix Movemail" using your local

2.  Make the change in /root/.forward or /etc/aliases to point root's email
to your local mail store....it will end up in /var/mail/username.

3.  Create a message filter on the Inbox of that Movemail account to move
mails from that Inbox to whatever folder you want in your POP account's area
when email is fetched.

Sorry for the confusion....


The relative importance of files depends on their cost in terms of the
human effort needed to regenerate them.
		-- T.A. Dolotta

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