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Re: Whence Python?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:


The original tool that was based on OLPC build tools was written as sheel scripts and wasn't meant to be published. It was used for a early release for Fedora Core 6.

To elaborate on my other response, I take this to mean that
the original was proof of concept, or prototype, and the later
Python version was the supportable, first released version.

The way I read the web page was that somehow rewriting a tool
in Python was some kind of useful exercise.

Rewriting any tool, simply so it will be in another language,
is pretty much useless work, unless it it somehow enhances
portability or maintainability. Nearly any high level language
is about as supportable as any other, though some are more
suited for some particular apps.

I'd support rewiting most assembly in a high level language :-)
I'd not support rewriting an app written in C to be in Python,
or vice versa.

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