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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Martin Marques wrote:
Karl Larsen escribió:

Martin Marques wrote:

Mike McCarty escribió:

I'd like to configure Thunderbird (and/or /root/.forward) so
that e-mail to root shows up in my INBOX, and a filter automatically
puts it into a Thunderbird folder (root). So far, I have not been
successful in this. I have Thunderbird pulling using POP from my
ISP. Anyone have advice?

You'll need some kind of smtp to send the root mails to your mail address on your ISP MTA. Then you will pull them out with all the other mail you receive.

I don't like the idea of local notification of compromise
attempts possibly going outside the machine :-)

It's an idea, however.

It is much easier to just yum install pine and when done you open a root Terminal and with pine read the root mail. It is not very interesting to me.

He doesn't want to use terminal applications.

I used to use Pine some time back on a Solaris machine, so at
least I'm familiar with it. It's vastly superior to mail, and
worth a try at least. I doubt I can # yum install it, however.

Might get a tarball.

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