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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

Karl Larsen wrote:

This whole thing reads to me that SELinux is the linux version of Norton or Avguard to Windows. It will capture and keep the offending file from doing it's worst.

My friends with Windows cuss both software because it makes a mess out of doing normal things like installing new software.

There are very few Linux users. There are millions of Windows users. A guy writing a virus will write it for Windows every time! Now days they are spending time in prison.

So I decided to turn off SELinux even though it was not the thing to do according to the loader. I am glad I did so. I don't need the Norton problem on my F7.

Well put. It is a solution to a non-problem. It creates more
admin worries than it solves.

To put it another way: Where is the vast audience of Linux
users who have been clamoring for improvements to security
like those provided by SELinux?

There is an audience of Linux users who are requesting that
it be removed.

Thoughtful "Hmm".

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