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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Note that contrary to your claims upstream has adopted it even before the first 2.6 kernel release and many other distributions are in-fact adopting it as you have agreed with the example of Debian earlier in this thread. Popularity doesn't determine the best choices. Otherwise we would be all running Windows now.

You need to keep you attributions straight, Rahul. You are getting
confused over who said what.

I don't see anyone wrongly attributed. Point out to me explicitly if that has happened.

That's because you're confused and not keeping track.

I'M the one who has pointed out that other distros have adopted
SELinux, not Ralph. You are conflating the messages Ralf and I
have sent. Ralf has consistently stated that other distros
have not adopted SELinux. I stated that other distros are
starting to follow RH, and bemoaned that fact. I'm glad to hear
that there exist distros which do not have it.

Before very much longer, I'm going to be forced to hop to another
distro. Because I am familiar with "the RH way", I had considered
CentOS. However, since RH insists on SELinux, I have pretty much
discarded that idea.

It is clear, from the discussions I have seen here, that RH is
COMMITTED to SELinux, at least for the next few years, which
decision I refuse to follow. I like control over what gets
installed in my machine, and SELinux is not something I want.
So, in order to get it off and keep it off, I regretfully am
not going to use any further RH distros or derivatives, like
CentOS, White Hat (is it dieing?) and Scientific Linux. C'est la

I've heard very good things about SLAX, and now hear that it
has not jumped on the bandwagon. So, I'm reconsidering SLAX.

In fact, I think I'll download a LiveCD based on SLAX and
boot up the ISO image using QEMU today.

Kill Bill looks fun, at least!

I was disappointed to find out that Debian has SELinux in
it, as I must administer a Debian machine. At least it's
turned off, so I haven't had to become a hydra killer.

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