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Re: OT: Force Thunderbird NEVER to use HTML?

Michael Klinosky wrote:
Mike M.:

Is there a way to tell Thunderbird that I NEVER want to send
HTML mail? I've looked into trying to set domains to force
non-HTML, but it doesn't look easy. I haven't noticed that
wildcards are accepted, and I don't want to find all the
domains I may send to.

You have an old version (it's up to version 2.0.x). But, see if you have this feature:
Edit > Account Settings > (pop account) > Composition & Addressing
There's a checkbox there: "Compose in HTML". I think that should do it; mine is not checked, and I never send in html (even tho I reply to html emails).

I did that years ago. I don't compose HTML from scratch,
it's true. But if someone sends me a mail message which is HTML,
then my reply gets HTML even with that box checked. It's an
oversight in the program, I believe.

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