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Re: having trouble with hosts file

On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 00:23 -0500, Scott wrote:
> Hello there,
> How should a hosts file look if you want it to be called pilotalk for the 
> root log in and on the ZInternet?

To set the host name permanently, edit /etc/sysconfig/network and change
the value for the "HOSTNAME=" parameter to the FQDN (fully qualified
domain name).  For example, to make it pilotalk.mydomain.com:


That will take effect on a reboot.  To change it immediately, use
"hostname pilotalk.mydomain.com".  It won't show up in the prompts until
you log out and back in as the hostname is picked up by your shell when
you log in.

The /etc/hosts file should contain the IP address of the machine, some
whitespace (tabs are normal), then the FQDN of the machine, then
whitespace, then the common (short) name, e.g.   pilotalk.mydomain.com   pilotalk

As far as the Internet is concerned, that's a function of DNS and you
have to tell your DNS service what the FQDN and IP address is of the
machine.  That varies widely depending on who your DNS service is.

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