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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Jacques B. wrote:
I was able to get my local mail (for current user) with Evolution (not
sure if Thunderbird allows that as well).  You can configure it to to
bring in Standard Unix mbox or spool directory. However it can't bring

Dunno, but that would be nice if possible. I am not aware of any
such option with Thunderbird, and I've been through its menus.

root in as an unpriviledged user.  Your solutions are either to setup
a root cron job that runs a script that copies the root mail file to a
new name where a local user has priviledge to read it (I copied it
over and then did a send/receive and got all of root's mail).  Or you
could create a new group and add your unpriviledged user to it and
then change ownership/priviledge on the root mail file to allow that
group to be able to read it.  There is a potential security risk there
obviously granted if all you give is read access then the worse that
would happen is someone who compromises your user account would have
read access to root's mail.

Or I could .forward root's mail to my local user :-)

Interesting follow-up. When I delete a message from within the mail
command line command, it gets deleted from within Evolution. So
Evolution is not bringing the messages into it, just reading the local
mailbox on the fly so to speak.

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