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Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread

I, as a committee of one, have gotten tired of deleting the "Remove SELinux" thread, which has, is, and will continue to go nowhere with great noise and dust but no visible value. I recognize the joy that some people get debating things with religious fervor, but the rest of us tend to get tired of such.

The _only_ way I am aware of to remove SELinux entirely is to migrate to a whole 'nother distribution. Period. Full stop.

Thus, the original poster's options would appear to be (and Linux _is_ about having options/choice):

Reconfigure and recompile the entire source tree for Fedora, respin the results, and install. Under the GPL, I believe this is your right (less the pretty pictures/icons from Fedora, but the originals should still be available.) Respin, and reinstall. You get to keep the RH style of doing things, at a significant cost of personal work. Your choice.

Alternatively, Ubuntu, SuSe, Gentoo, and a whole raft of others are available. I rather like Ubuntu for myself on my laptop, but that is just me. Again, your choice.

This joint is getting too much like a fraternity drunk party between the Young Republicans and the Democrates.

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