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VNC problems

I have asked on the VNC list and gotten deafening silence. I'm trying to use PuTTY on the Windows side of things to create an SSH tunnel for VNC. I've gotten PuTTY (and another SSH client) to connect to the linux box, but I can't seem to get VNC to connect.

One of the SSH clients I'm using has given me a cryptic error message:
"Server rejected our attempt to open a client-side client-2-server connection - reason: SSH_OPEN_ADMINISTRATIVELY_PROHIBITED, description: open failed."

This would seem to indicate that SSH is blocking the VNC service that I am attempting to connect to. I know that VNC is running because I can telnet to localhost port 5901 on the linux box and I get the VNC prompt, but when I try from the windows side, I don't get anything, which would appear to indicate that the tunnel isn't working correctly, but I followed the instructions I've used previously which worked fine.

I don't know if it's something I've added since I last used PuTTY to tunnel my VNC session or what.

Any ideas???

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