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Re: How to play .AU files with Fedora?

Chris Jones wrote:

To work it out, you'd have to look at the packages that have been
updated since FC2, looking at the various security reasons for those
updates.  I don't know whether it's "severe," but there will have been
plenty of security fixes that you won't have.

Precisely. And, for exactly the reason I mentioned before
about MSDOS, the security risks for FC2 are fading. As
exploits get plugged, their prevalence also diminishes.

Thats the strangest attitude to security I've heard in a long while ...

Do you have special code in your programs to check for presence
of The Internet Worm? Not anymore. Why not? Because that security
exploit has been plugged, so the problem is not prevalent. Hence,
it is no longer an issue, even if you loaded an old version and
reintroduced the exploit. No one would figure you would be vulnerable,
so no one would try.

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