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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Hmm - the approach is wrong-headed because I say it is wrong-headed.
I know it is true, so I do not have to look at anything that says
otherwise. That sounds like a religious conviction.

Call it what you like. If I get compromised, then I'm going to
reload my system, anyway. I don't care how much of it got
toasted along the way, and it's probably too much effort to
go picking around in the rubble. I do regular backups, and
I'll be able to get my data back from backup, anyway. The system
areas I'm not going to try to salvage.

I have a desktop, not a bunch of credit card numbers. I keep
no information on my machine, such as bank account numbers,
which might be consequential if someone got access to them.

I don't care if I lose one day's e-mail, or even a week's loss.
As often as I get the feeling that if I lost data I might miss
it, I do a backup. In fact, I feel one coming on Real Soon Now.

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