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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Ed Greshko wrote:
So, think about doing this.....

Ok, I've thought about it.

1.  Create an email account of type "Unix Movemail" using your local

Umm, using Thunderbird? I've so far been unable to get
it to work with multiple accounts.

2.  Make the change in /root/.forward or /etc/aliases to point root's email
to your local mail store....it will end up in /var/mail/username.

Yes, I'd use my regular user.

3.  Create a message filter on the Inbox of that Movemail account to move
mails from that Inbox to whatever folder you want in your POP account's area
when email is fetched.

So far, I've been unable to get filters to work automatically,
but they do work on command. That I can probably get to work.

Others have mentioned IMAP, which I also don't know how to

Sorry for the confusion....

No problem.

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