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Re: Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread

Beartooth wrote:
On Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:08:36 -0400, tom wrote:

I, as a committee of one, have gotten tired of deleting the "Remove
SELinux" thread, which has, is, and will continue to go nowhere with
great noise and dust but no visible value. I recognize the joy that some
people get debating things with religious fervor, but the rest of us
tend to get tired of such.

The _only_ way I am aware of to remove SELinux entirely is to migrate to
a whole 'nother distribution. Period. Full stop.

With the current implementation.
Oh, and Ralf claims this is happening, BTW.

	Sounds like my phone ringing -- i.e., the OP is me.

While I admit to being staggered by the vastness of the replies, I have to say that the thread as a whole has been very helpful to me. If most of it seems trivial to you, that just shows how far ahead of me you are, at least when it comes to linux. <shrug>

For my part, I have thanked the participants in that thread, and I continue to thank them.

Welcome. Perhaps RH will see the logic of figuring a way to make
it truly optional. If not, then I'll not be using their product.

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