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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Chris Jones wrote:

There is an audience of Linux users who are requesting that
it be removed.

Is there. Other than yourself and a few others in this thead I don't see any

its all about choice, I have never agreed with RH forcing the use of grub, therefor no fedora machine I use has grub, because they still allow me the choice to remove it and install the source tarball of lilo, it would be nicer if RH gave me the choice at install time of OS, but they dont, but they still dont prevent me from removing it without fear of breaking my entire system, no reason they ca not do that for anything else, including selinux

evidence to support this.

lets start a vote :

Me : +1 for SELinux

riiiiight, how many people do RH claim use fedora? million+ ? how many are on this list? SFA, thats how many, and most the vocal users of this list are all fedora fanbois (or suckups if you prefer) because people like mike and myself and a few select others that speak our minds and disagree get flamed, abused, told to go away, sent pvt emails from anonymous gutless turds on this list saying F.O and use windows and whatever else.

(and my guess is most happy selinux users aren't even reading this thread)

Likewise for most the users that dont want it as well.



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