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Re: Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread

On 9/21/07, tom <tfreeman intel digichem net> wrote:
> I, as a committee of one, have gotten tired of deleting the "Remove
> SELinux" thread, which has, is, and will continue to go nowhere with great
> noise and dust but no visible value. I recognize the joy that some people
> get debating things with religious fervor, but the rest of us tend to get
> tired of such.
The beauty of gmail (and others I'm sure).  Everything is a thread.
So I don't see 90 messages in my INBOX.  Just one message with (90) at
the end as long as the thread topic remains the same.  I can delete
the thread in one shot, or just ignore it seeing it's no more
intrusive than a single message.  I don't condone threads that take on
a life of their own, especially if they stray off topic (or worse were
never on topic).  I'm a supporter of using a list within its
boundaries of acceptable use..  But the reality of the free world we
live in is that some will not respect it.  We either complain about
it, or find a solution that allows us to ignore it.

Gmail does a nice job of allowing me to ignore it without overpowering my INBOX.

But that point aside the OP of this original thread indicated he
appreciated the conversation.  It was of value to him.  And it is a
Fedora topic so it respects the code of conduct of the list.  I guess
we sometimes forget that others with less knowledge or differing
passions may have a different appreciation than us for such threads.
Perhaps some of the threads that we passionately jump into are viewed
by them with the same frustrations as some of us view his thread.

Jacques B.

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