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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Mike McCarty wrote:

>> 1.  Create an email account of type "Unix Movemail" using your local
>> information.
> Umm, using Thunderbird? I've so far been unable to get
> it to work with multiple accounts.

Strange.  I've used TBird since forever and running today and have 5
accounts.  6 yesterday, if you count the one "Movemail account" I created to
test my suggestion.

What problems are you encountering?  What version of TBird are you running?

I can seen you screen shots off list if needed.

>> 2.  Make the change in /root/.forward or /etc/aliases to point root's
>> email
>> to your local mail store....it will end up in /var/mail/username.
> Yes, I'd use my regular user.

OK.  That is where root's email would show up then....

>> 3.  Create a message filter on the Inbox of that Movemail account to move
>> mails from that Inbox to whatever folder you want in your POP
>> account's area
>> when email is fetched.
> So far, I've been unable to get filters to work automatically,
> but they do work on command. That I can probably get to work.

Strange.  I tested it yesterday and it worked as designed.

> Others have mentioned IMAP, which I also don't know how to
> configure.

You should not need IMAP at all and really there is no need to configured
another service.

>> Sorry for the confusion....
> No problem.

It is Saturday now.  The start of a 4 day weekend.  So, my head is clear now.

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