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Re: Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread

On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Craig White wrote:

you have this way of leaping to conclusions.

we all do, it depends on  which direction we leap as an individual.

fedora 7 is a bit off since it represents a number of significant
changes whereas I would expect that Fedora 8 will be a bit less

I've heard this about previous versions, it's all hogwash, but maybe one version they will ge tit right, one thing I dont like is the lack of QC.

opensuse is well...suse and I could not consign myself to suse after
Novell signed the agreement with Microsoft but that's just me.

normally I would agree with you, but there comes a time to revise all thoughts, if one is better, than so be it, note opensuse is not directly the same, as they too do not include the codecs etc but lets face it it only takes 30 seconds to rpm -e blah and instlal the tarball of a fully functioning piece of software, and thats what I've always done since RH butcher too many packages, refer teh recet openoffice threads etc for altest, so its not like its somthing ld.

I got the impression (and I have no empirical data to confirm this),
that ubuntu is starting to dominate desktop installations now.

Time will tell, RH had a good thing, until they decide to play politics with the distros, anyone searching google will see they cant play their mp3's and thats the end of fedora for their condsideration, its what I hear time and time and time again, they WILL go for what works best out of the box.

old timers like me dont care because we know where to source the real programs from and install them, but newbies have no idea, and until its all sorted out windows will sadly always win, maybe in 2 years when the patent on mp3 expires linux will get a better takeup of newbie desktop users because this wont be an issue, one less obstacle.



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