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Re: Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread


On Sat, 2007-09-22 at 10:07 +1000, Res wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Craig White wrote:
> > you have this way of leaping to conclusions.
> we all do, it depends on  which direction we leap as an individual.
> > fedora 7 is a bit off since it represents a number of significant
> > changes whereas I would expect that Fedora 8 will be a bit less
> > aggressive.
> I've heard this about previous versions, it's all hogwash, but maybe one 
> version they will ge tit right, one thing I dont like is the lack of QC.
> >
> > opensuse is well...suse and I could not consign myself to suse after
> > Novell signed the agreement with Microsoft but that's just me.
Same here!!!
> normally I would agree with you, but there comes a time to revise all 
> thoughts, if one is better, than so be it, note opensuse is not directly 
> the same, as they too do not include the codecs

Thats not true!
OpenSuse ships Adobe Flash and Sun Java out of the box!

>  etc but lets face it  it 
> only takes 30 seconds to rpm -e blah and instlal the tarball of a fully 
> functioning piece of software, and thats what I've always done since RH 
> butcher too many packages, refer teh recet openoffice threads etc for 
> altest, so its not like its somthing ld.
>   >
> > I got the impression (and I have no empirical data to confirm this),
> > that ubuntu is starting to dominate desktop installations now.
> Time will tell, RH had a good thing, until they decide to play politics 
> with the distros, anyone searching google will see they cant play their 
> mp3's and thats the end of fedora for their condsideration, its what I 
> hear time and time and time again, they WILL go for what works best out 
> of the box.

That is why Fedora is my distribution of choice and that is why I do not
use Suse or Mandriva!
I want a distribution what comes 100% with  Free and Open Source
If you don't, chose another...
> old timers like me dont care because we know where to source the real 
> programs from and install them, but newbies have no idea, and until its 
> all sorted out windows will sadly always win, maybe in 2 years when the 
> patent on mp3 expires linux will get a better takeup of newbie desktop 
> users because this wont be an issue, one less obstacle.
> -- 
> Cheers
> Res

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