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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

>> I haven't seen anybody mention the easy way:  Read your /etc/aliases
>> file, and put your username down the bottom where it gives you the
>> example of how to direct mail from root to another user, then run the
>> newaliases command that it tells you about at the top of that file.

Ed Greshko:
> Then you missed several exchanges....

I can imagine missing seeing it buried in the mire of everything else,
but if it'd appeared several times I think I would have seen it.  Mi

>> e.g. root: mike
>> Or you can do it as
>>   root: Mike McCarty sbcglobal net
>> if your SMTP server sends with a real domain name.

> The OP had problems with that as it wouldn't go out for some reason.

If so, most likely for the reason that I last mentioned.  If it tries
sending it out as root localhost, or coming from any other non public
domain name, many external SMTP servers will reject it as part of their
anti-spamming handling.  Mike would need to configure his SMTP server
not to do that.

Though, as he said, sending out a list of your problems to an outside
server isn't the best of things to do.  It would be better to keep that
all in-house.

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