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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

>> Unless there's a serious fault, SELinux doesn't prevent you from
>> installing software, nor prevent things from working properly.

Ralf Corsepius:
> Why do you think this thread exists? Because SELinux on Fedora does
> prevent things from working properly!

Mostly because of about two or three people griping that their kitten is
not a pony.

*Usually* I find it doesn't prevent things from working properly, and
the occasions that rarely happens, a fix is the solution, and fairly
rapidly, too.

It does often prevent some things from working improperly (a little fact
that some choose to ignore).

> Why do you think the SELinux-policy packages in Fedora get updated such
> kind of frequently? A nice amount of these simply are fixes to broken
> rules.

But yes, there are snags from time to time, and they do get fixed.  And
that's a much better solution than just throwing the whole kit and
kaboodle away, as some would advocate.

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