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Re: http and https

> So, must use redirect function with permanent option ?

If you want to correct them from using a HTTP connection to a HTTPS one,
then you need a redirect.  If the answer is always going to be the same,
then it should be a permanent redirect.  This means that bookmarks and
search engines, etc., should forget about the old wrong address and only
keep the new corrected one.

Temporary redirects are for *temporary* purposes.  e.g. Today's "news"
page URI, which will be a different redirect tomorrow (i.e. you'd have a
generic "news" URI, that a person would follow, redirecting them to some
specific other page, and that other page would change from time to time,
but they've always got a simple "news" link to follow).  With temporary
redirects, whatever stores a URI (search engines, bookmarks, etc.),
should store the address they first tried, and let it redirect them each
time that they access it.

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