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Adaptec ATA Raid 1200A upgrade

Hmph.  This post is more in frustration than the expectation that someone
has an answer.

I've a Linux box that's been running an Adaptec ATA 1200A for a long
time--that's a cheap IDE RAID controller.  Long enough that the disks
are 120Gb drives.

One failed (and the controller did what it was supposed to do--griped,
but kept the system up), so I'd like to get it back up and running with
the existing Linux drive.  However, the smallest drive I can find is
a 250Gb.  Cheap enough to experiment with, I figure.

SO.  First try--use a Diskology DiskJockey to make an exact copy of the
remaining good 120Gb drive to a new 250Gb drive.  No joy, no boot.

OK.  Put a good, empty 250Gb drive in the system.  The Adaptec recognizes
it, offers to copy the good smaller drive to the larger drive.  No joy--
it tries for a few seconds, then says the copy failed.  (Note that
Adaptec docs, while recommending drives of equivalent size and speed,
does say it should be able to do this.)

At this point, I'm stymied in simply using the ATA1200A to recover itself.
I plan, today, to put the old 120Gb drive and a new 250Gb drive in a
separate Fedora system and try a 'dd', then try to use the new drive
as the remaining working RAID drive.  (Glad I didn't start out with the
500Gb drives I wanted.)

Anyone else ever tried to upgrade this controller to larger drives without
a full system reload?

	Dave Ihnat
	President, DMINET Consulting, Inc.
	dihnat dminet com

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