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Re: How do I migrate users to new Fedora installation?

>Knute Johnson wrote:
>> I've finally gotten F7 to run on my computer and now I want to 
>> migrate my mailserver from the old computer running FC4 to the new 
>> one.  How do I move my users passwords and mail to the new computer?  
>> Is there a guide somewhere?  This must be a fairly common procedure.
>> Thanks,
>I am not sure about a guide - I never looked for one. One way to do
>it is to grab the user section of passwd, shadow, group, and
>gshadow. Then merge them into the corresponding files one the new
>system using vipw and vigr. Then, depending on the setup, tar up the
>mail spool, and untar it on the new system. Do the same with the
>/home tree if necessary. If you are using SELinux, you will have to
>relabel the files after moving them. You will want to update passwd
>before untaring the files from the other system.
>This is not a complete description by any means, but hopefully it
>will point you in the right direction, and others will jump in to
>fill in the stuff I am forgetting!


Thanks very much.  I'm going to have to try this I think before I'm 
really ready to migrate just to make sure I don't create a huge mess.

Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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