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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

on 9/22/2007 1:01 PM, Beartooth wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 14:49:44 +0930, Tim wrote:
>> Yes, I agree.  One more for it being a good thing to have.  And one more
>> to say the nay sayers are in the minority.
>> I see a *few* people *claiming* it does no good, I haven't seem proof of
>> that (and such proof would have to be related to current release
>> software to be valid - claims about SELinux flaws from a few years ago
>> are as invalid as claims about similarly old faults in other software
>> that has since been updated).
>> I see those people also *falsely* *claiming* that it *only* serves a
>> purpose on already compromised machines.  That is but one thing it could
>> perform.
>> I see those complaining about it are running very old versions, and are
>> not experienced with the current ones.
> 	Just for the record, I run F7 and have been doing so since it was 
> released; I expect to get F8 within a week of release, and switch over to 
> it gradually, machine by machine, over about a month.
> 	And none of my complaints resembles any of those above. What I 
> did complain of, or try to, was and is that SELinux keeps harassing me, 
> even set permissive, about stuff which I haven't the foggiest notion of, 
> and which it does nothing to make clear to me. It reminds me of an old 
> rhyme :
> 		Boston, home of the bean and the cod,
> 		Where Lowells speak only to Cabots,
> 		And Cabots speak only to God.
> 	Having run every release from RH 7.2 so far, I'm sure SELinux 
> like so many other things will get far more user-friendly or transparent, 
> or both; it just hasn't yet, and therefore I question its value -- to me, 
> at this time.
> 	There was a time, though some here may doubt it, when even 
> anaconda was like that : if it hadn't been for installfests, I'd've 
> remained linuxless. The books and CDs I bought nearly ten years ago never 
> got me to the point where I could install RH6 at all -- and God knows I 
> tried. I yield to no man in my hatred of everything that ever came out of 
> Redmond.

I think that you will like Fedora 8 and I also think that you will like
SELinux and the troubleshooter GUI for it. It is very easy to use and the
'trouble reports' are not written in Geek Speak.  ;-)



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