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Re: VNC help?

On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 14:26:51 -0700
Dave Stevens <geek uniserve com> wrote:

> Tha part I don't understand is whether I need my ISP to park an IP address on me
> and if not what do I do? Do I need to get a domain name? or what?

The simplest solution is to get a static IP address.  Alternatively you can set
up something a redirector.  Type "dynamic ip redirect" without the quotes into
Google search and you will have several choices of provider if that is what you

You don't need a domain name if you don't want one.

You can log into your machine remotely using your static address (if you have
one) like this:


That will take you to

You can also put an entry into your hosts file like this:	myremotecomputer

Now you can log into by typing this:

ssh myremotecomputer

If you register a domain name, then you can log into your computer by typing
the domain name:

ssh example.com

Don't forget that if you're using a router you will have to forward port 22 to
your computer.

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