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update fails.

Trying to follow the update announcement in Fedora c6 for 4 packages
(xml-commons, jdom, velocity and xerces-j2) updates the update fails.
Dependencies state xml-commons= 0:1.3.02-0.b2.7jpp.10 to be missing. It
is not missing but the name is slightly different. 

 I removed the package and re-installed. The problem is that on
resolving dependencies it gives an error, and in "details" it says:
missing dependency: xml-commons = 0:1.3.02-0.b2.7jpp.10 is needed by
package xml-commons-apis.

The file actually installed by package xml-commons-apis is
xml-commons-1.3.02-0.b2.7pp.10.i386.rpm. This file came with Eudora c6
install CD's.

You see the slight difference at the beginning of the file, ie = 0:
instead of -

I guess this is the cause of the failed dependency.

I sought for the file  ml-commons = 0:1.3.02-0.b2.7jpp.10 in the
repositories but could not find it.

The problem is that these failing updates remain appearing between the
other updates and have to be skipped each time. How to solve? Should the
update be debugged?


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