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Re: Resetting to default gnome setup

>>>>> "Kam" == Kam Leo <kam leo gmail com> writes:

    Kam> On 9/22/07, Colin Paul Adams <colin colina demon co uk> wrote:
    >> >>>>> "Tim" == Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> writes:
    Tim> On Sat, 2007-09-22 at 08:52 +0100, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
> >> My GNOME desktop, panels, menus etc. are in a real mess.
    >> >>
    >> >> What I would like to do is get back to a new user's
    >> layout. Is >> there any easy way to do this?  If not, what is
    >> the difficult >> way?
    Tim> You probably want to look through your ~/.gconf* and
    Tim> ~/.gnome* directories.
    Tim> Log out, and then log in to a text-only console rather than
    Tim> graphically.  Now you can work on them without fighting
    Tim> against Gnome.  e.g. rename the parent directories, and then
    Tim> log in again, as a brute force method.
    >> Thanks Tim.  I deleted them all as I don't use Evolution, and
    >> wasn't really concerned about any other settings.
    >> Now it all seems quite reasonable EXCEPT As well as Icons for
    >> Computer, Wastebasket and colin's Home on the desktop, I have
    >> an icon for every file and directory in my home directory
    >> (except for hidden ones).
    >> Is this supposed to happen? I want to turn it off if I can.  --
    >> Colin Adams Preston Lancashire

    Kam> If Gnome is really buggered-up just delete the entire .gnome
    Kam> directory.

I have already done that - see above.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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