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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

>> That PNG is user user, object role, HTTP system content type?  WTF!
>> What the hell is an object role, and how is a PNG file a system
>> anything?

Arthur Pemberton:
> 1) check man selinux
> 2) get pointed to man httpd_selinux

Which I have looked at.  I have a background in electronics engineering,
and am familiar with reading highly technical data, but this
documentation takes the cake.

> 3) get information
> httpd_sys_content_t
>        - Set files with httpd_sys_content_t for content which is
> available from all httpd scripts and the daemon

I still say that calling a PNG data file as some *SYSTEM* content to do
with HTTPD is a bizare description for it.  The SELinux contexts are
just plain wierd.  A program or some library for the web server is what
I'd call a *system* file for the HTTP daemon.

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