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Internet traffic and Azureus -

Can someone tell me hos Azureus on a Windows computer on my LAN might affect the amount of data downloaded via my ISP?

My son-in-law finally admitted that his son had installed Azureus on his computer while visiting a couple weeks ago. WE have a limited amount of data allowed by Wildblue, 17 gigs in a 30 day period and it is becoming a panic situation with less than 2 gigs before we hit the limit and they take action!

Can Azureus be the cause of the excessive traffic or am I looking in the wrong place. I closed the bittorrent port in the router months ago and that should still be closed ...

Presently we have his computer shut down. There's no telling what he's got on it but my daughter is threatening to put him back on dial-up! I can see a period of strife on the horizon.

Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia

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