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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Ed Greshko wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
Can someone tell me hos Azureus on a Windows computer on my LAN might
affect the amount of data downloaded via my ISP?

My son-in-law finally admitted that his son had installed Azureus on his
computer while visiting a couple weeks ago.  WE have a limited amount of
data allowed by Wildblue, 17 gigs in a 30 day period and it is becoming
a panic situation with less than 2 gigs before we hit the limit and they
take action!

Can Azureus be the cause of the excessive traffic or am I looking in the
wrong place.  I closed the bittorrent port in the router months ago and
that should still be closed ...

Yes, but attempting to block bittorrent by closing a single port is doomed
to failure.  The client can be configured to use any port and the client
simply informs the P2P network what port it will be using.

I've not had a need to block bittorrent but you will need a more
sophisticated blocking mechanism.
Aha, therein lies my problem, all this while I had a false sense of security thinking I had thwarted previous efforts with bittorrent which Junior had installed some time ago!
Presently we have his computer shut down.  There's no telling what he's
got on it but my daughter is threatening to put him back on dial-up!  I
can see a period of strife on the horizon.

Ahhhh.....  I assume you are paying the ISP bills, yes?  If so, and you
can't get cooperation from your family members then wire cutters and super
glue may be your only option.

Yes the ISP account is mine but the house is theirs so problem solving requires some tact and finesse! I and my horses are living in their place, the horses limit my mobility considerably.

But if we have indeed located the source of the problem I think he will yield. We've had the kids computer powered off for two days and the usage still trends upward so they are probably off the hook and the finger points at the parent who ought to know better. To him the computer is an appliance much like the tv set.

If I understand what you are saying the best solution to the problem is to remove all vestiges of bittorrent from the two Windows computers and warn the Grandson not to install any software on his father's computer without my knowledge.


Bob Goodwin

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