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Re: Problems with Xorg restarting after KDE logout

Martin Marques wrote on Saturday 22 September 2007:

> I've experienced problems with logouts (any user) on my FC6. Basically,
> X crashes and I end up in a terminal. From there I can start X again
> without a problem but on logout I don't get the kdm login screen.

> Looking at the logs I found something very peculiar:

> When starting X and kdm ffom boot I see this in the Xorg.0.log:

> [Log messages killed]

> But when I logout and X has to restart I get this:

> [Even more log messages killed]

I also have no clue about the real cause, but as far as I know X does not 
perform a restart on logout, only a reset. But you can force a restart by 
setting TerminateServer=true in the apriopriate section of kdmrc. It 
worth a try.


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