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Re: livna nvidia update problem

Mail List wrote:
>  Today yum updating has this conflict:
> Transaction Check Error:
>   file /lib/modules/ from install of 
> kmod-nvidia-100.14.19- conflicts with file from package 
> kmod-nvidia-100.14.11-
>   I suppose I could shutdown X and remove the older module and reinstall by 
> hand but .. is this a packaging problem or something else?
>   What is the "correct" way to fix this? 
> thx
You should be able to remove the module without shutting down X. The
file will remain on the disk until it is no longer being used, but
the directory entry will be gone so future attempts to use the
module will result in using the new one. Updates are supposed to
have the same file(s) as the older package.

Do you have the kmod-nvidia is set to be installed, and not updates,
like the kernels are? That would cause this type of error. But it
assures that the module(s) for older kernels are not removed.

What MIGHT work: yum upgrade kmod-nvidia

What will work as long as the package was downloaded:
rpm -Uvh

If the package was not downloaded, you can use the URL for the file
in the rpm command.


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