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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

on 9/23/2007 2:19 PM, Beartooth wrote:
>big snip<

> 	I'll certainly do at most that, now that I know, thanks to all 
> this discussion, that 'disable' really does mean 'disable' -- i.e., cause 
> the whole nine yards of SELinux to do nothing whatever. Both NSA and 
> RedHat say so, in English plain enough even for me. I thank them for that.

I can understand your problems. And everyone told you correctly that
disabled really does mean that. Several mentioned something about
'disabled' that I have not seen you address. SELinux in not like a lamp.
On (enabled/enforcing) and Permissive (enabled/reports only) keep the
SELinux 'system' active and 'up to date' with the permissions. Disables
(off) does not. So turning it off for a time and then turning it back on
will most likely cause problems, from what I understand.

Everyone here seems to be in a the panic mode. If left alone, as I have
done, SELinux just runs merrily along. I do not have any third party
packages installed. I don't try to watch videos that require Windows
codecs. No fancy rotating cube desktops. No Windows games run in Linux. No
third party compiled video drivers. Nothing special.

Linux is about choice. You don't want to use it? Turn it off by all means.

BTW - You mentioned having problems with man pages. The site where this
script came from is down for some reason but I have, from there, a script
that will make a text file of man pages. Load in your favorite editor.
Search. Scroll back and forth. Do your thing.


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